"You shouldn’t have stepped inside here."

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Do you know where I am? I seem to be lost. 


I will!

Sure… :D 

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Anyone want to para with me?

I have an open starter… 

Anything can really happen with my Tate.

Free From the Murder House | Open

After what has happened between him and Violet, for a while Tate did everything to get her heart back. However, no matter what Tate do, the girl never looked at him the same way—in the past. So Tate, made himself invisible even for the dead Violet, for as long as it gets. During those times, the ghost boy tried and tried to get out of the house. It took a long time, and since he’s already dead, Tate didn’t really notice how long it has already been. But on one fateful day, he tried again and now, miraculously he was out of the house. Tate didn’t get how the hell he got out—after a seemingly eternity being trapped inside the house. He concluded that it might be his rage about what had become of his and Violet’s relationship. 

It was at dawn that Tate got out of the Murder House. When he felt that the air was different and he can definitely see the place that he had just been looking from the lawn of the house. Before he started to walk away, a noise from the gates of the Murder House was made. Tate looked back and saw that it was Travis. The cocksucker’s stupid lover. He gazed sideways and back to the other young man. “What do you want?” But Tate shook his head a little and decided that there’s no sense in even talking to him. He was just glad that he got out of the house. He won’t see the face he hated the most, and maybe he can finally forget about Violet. 

As he walked away, he can hear the young lover of his mother, but he didn’t take heed. Until he felt like he wanted to disappear and maybe he did for he just poof to a place he isn’t aware of. When he was walking, he swore that the sun was just about to rise. But to where he is, the sun seems to be going down already. There were a lot of people passing by through him and it felt weird. So he just stood at the center of the path. Tate made sure that he was still visible.

But little did he know that someone from a far might have seen him poof out of somewhere already.

Maybe it was a bad thing…

That I actually joined the bandwagon of killers, once more.

But I don’t think there’s a reason to be guilty anymore. Violet won’t come back to me anyway. Might as well go back to the old me.


Off to bed guys. :D 

Thank you for the people who RPed with me today. You’re awesome. :D


Nice to meet you, Tate. Jim Moriarty.

Why is it that your name seems to be familiar? Are you some kind of psychiatrist? Because if you are, I think… I still need another set of therapies.


The real fun is the lead up to the kill.

Oh especially when you hear the shouts and the last moments of dying.

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It’s my first time to see you. I’m Tate.